'Cool Cat' T-Shirt (White)

  • 'Cool Cat' T-Shirt (White)

'Cool Cat' T-Shirt (White)

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The inspiration from my design came in the bath. I was laid there thinking about how utterly useless I felt whilst I was away from my extended Crescent family, unable to experience the bustling environment, mixing and opening all kinds of beverages for people from all walks of life.

This melancholic thought train led me to thinking about details I longed for that I otherwise would take for granted in my usual pre-pandemic life. The teams; billiards, pool, dominoes. Like minded individuals meeting to share common interests; zine club, queer book club, line-dancing. Each community and charity event, the spectacle of the New York Brass Band, the annual Blackbeard’s Tea Party Christmas show, the sweaty club-nights and awe-inspiring 5/8/10 piece band of every kind of music fusion you could think of. Besides the people, I started to think about the small elements that make the Crescent I am so familiar with.

The careful DIY touch and passion to every piece of decor that had accumulated over the years, the array of vibrant plants scattered across the games room windows, the community bookshelves, the cats, the vinyls, the fairy lights, the absurdly cheap jumbo packets of snacks, the musty old video games and it came to me to commemorate these details into something visual, that I could express my affection for the place where all of my longest lasting friendships and some of the most defining moments of my very short adult life have occurred. Because to a lot of people the Crescent may simply be one of many places to catch a local band, but for many more, the Crescent is a place where lasting friendships are made, where we come together with like minded people to celebrate and work on a project that has proved to be so valuable to so many of us in York, something so desperately missing before.
I could go on about the deep complexity of the design forward thought process behind coming up with my concept, but the reality is that all the inspiration came so easily, from the place I know best.
Ella Hebbron

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